#WhyATAGTR2020 Contest – 3rd Winner..

We are happy to announce the 3rd Winner of the Why #ATAGTR2020 Contest.

The Winner is  Suman from 1mg Technologies Private Limited.

Please note that there are 2 more winners to announced. So stay tuned on your favorite Social Media (Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram) to get informed about the next winners.

Congratulations Suman and thanks a lot for giving your reasons, we would be glad to extend you a winning entry to #ATAGTR2020. Looking forward to interacting with you.

Her wonderful replies to the questions are:

1. What according to you is reason #1 to be a part of #ATAGTR2020 ?

Listening to much-experienced industry leaders in testing, the way they share their experiences and share the challenges they faced. I joined ATAGTR2019 and learned a lot of things and improved the testing skills which helped me in my career.

2. What according to you is reason #2 to be a part of #ATAGTR2020 ?

I love the AUTOMATHON’s, QUIZATHON’s, and Workshops conducted by ATAGTR. We get throughout the knowledge and working of the tool. We also get to know the challenges we can face in the future. By attending this we get the solution to the things in advance.

3. What according to you is reason #3 to be a part of #ATAGTR2020 ?

Attending ATAGTR keeps me updated with the technologies and tools currently used in market for testing and helps to learn new things from others experiences .

Be part of #ATAGTR2020 and join the most fun filled and knowledge packed gathering of Testing and Technology Professional.

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