#WhyATAGTR2020 Contest Winner 2 is here

We are happy to announce the 2nd Winner of the Why #ATAGTR2020 Contest.

The Winner is  Soumya Sharma from Vodafone.

Please note that there are 3 more winners to announced. So stay tuned on your favorite Social Media (Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram) to get informed about the next winners.

Congratulations Soumya and thanks a lot for giving your reasons, we would be glad to extend you a winning entry to #ATAGTR2020. Looking forward to interacting with you.

Her wonderful replies to the questions are:

1. What according to you is reason #1 to be a part of #ATAGTR2020 ?

#ATAGTR2020 – this hashtag is fascinating in itself and gives me chills. I am keen to learn the cutting edge test automation technologies by the renowned speakers. As heard from my colleagues’ experiences, the sessions are collaborative and holistic.Having interactions with influencers will help picking up new ideas and create content opportunities. This would be an investment for my organization.

2. What according to you is reason #2 to be a part of #ATAGTR2020 ?

DevSecOps and Security Testing, Chaos Engineering, Automated Visual Testing, Modern QA through modernization of data – these topics have their own charisma and appealing to me. I would love to attend these workshops.

3. What according to you is reason #3 to be a part of #ATAGTR2020 ?

I being a professional software tester, often come across the future trends in testing, the next generation of automation and I believe that ATA GTR is one of the best platforms to enhance my knowledge in this industry.

Be part of #ATAGTR2020 and join the most fun filled and knowledge packed gathering of Testing and Technology Professional.

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