#AutomATAhon2020: Hackathon for testers

Are you ready to take on the toughest test automation challenge?

#ATAGTR2020 is continuing the #AutomATAhon tradition that was started for the first time in 2017. This is the 4th edition of the competition. Meant for testing community to participate in an automation challenge (Hackathon)
In-fact the competition is meant not only for the testers but all the testing organizations too.
So, if you are into automation and you are ready to show case your and your organization’s automation capability this is the competition to be a part of.

Remember there would be live application scenarios and live automation challenge up for grab. Jury members would be there to evaluate and more over you get to participate in #ATAGTR2020 as conference delegates.

#AutomATAhon Details

This will be held on 5th December 2020 and will act as a pre-cursor to #ATAGTR2020
Date: 5th December 2020
Timings: 1:00 pm – 7:00 pm (IST)

1:00 pm – Introductions and Rules
1:30 pm to 5:30 pm – AutomATAhon (live application, live testing, live automation)
5:30 pm to 6:30 PM – Discussions

Registration fees: INR 1,000/- (+taxes)

Note: This is an individual event, no cap on the number of individuals from a particular organization. This fee entitles the associate conference pass to #ATAGTR2020 for both the days.

I have accepted the #AutomATAhon challenge, would you like to compete with me ?

AutomATAhon Participant Vishal Kantibhai Parmar

Vishal Kantibhai Parmar

Functional & Automation Test Analyst

Paul Mason Consulting

AutomATAhon Participant Hitesh Prajapati

Hitesh Prajapati

Functional & Automation Test Analyst

Paul Mason Consulting

AutomATAhon Participant Monesh Varshney

Monesh Varshney

Testing Manager


AutomATAhon Participant Bansri J Patel

Bansri J Patel

QA – Functional Automation Test Analyst

Paul Mason Consulting

AutomATAhon Participant Lakshmirao Varam

Lakshmirao Varam

Software Engineer


AutomATAhon Participant Alok Mishra

Alok Mishra

Automation Architect


AutomATAhon Participant Manoj Gupta

Manoj Gupta

S/W Test Manager


AutomATAhon Participant Onkar Mirajkar

Onkar Mirajkar

Software Test Manager


AutomATAhon Participant Nimesh Bhatt

Nimesh Bhatt

Sr. Functional and Automation Test Analyst

Paul Mason Consulting

AutomATAhon Participant Bhumika Makwana

Bhumika Makwana

Functional & Automation Test Analyst

Paul Mason Consulting

AutomATAhon Participant Avinash Pingale

Avinash Pingale

Software QA Engineer – Automation

BlueConch Technologies

AutomATAhon Participant Mukund Zalke

Mukund Zalke

Senior SDET – FullStack QA

BlueConch Technologies

AutomATAhon Participant Niket Shinde

Niket Shinde


BlueConch Technologies

AutomATAhon Participant Mintu Mukherjee

Mintu Mukherjee

Senior Automation Engineer

BlueConch Technologies

AutomATAhon Participant Ranjit Prasad

Ranjit Prasad

Associate Leader – QA Automation

BlueConch Technologies

AutomATAhon Participant Nilesh Sonwane

Nilesh Sonwane

Senior SDET

BlueConch Technologies

AutomATAhon Participant Vijaykumar J

Vijaykumar J


BlueConch Technologies

AutomATAhon Participant Smruti Pawar

Smruti Pawar

Senior SDET

BlueConch Technologies

AutomATAhon Participant Ravikant Sinha

Ravikant Sinha

Senior Manager


Mandeep Kumar

Test Manager


AutomATAhon Participant Priya Patil

Priya Patil

Deputy Manager


AutomATAhon Participant Sameena Shaikh

Sameena Shaikh

Quality Assurance Automation Engineer


AutomATAhon Participant Veena Patil

Veena Patil



Chancha Lala



Abhishek Chintamani



AutomATAhon Participant Sunil Bharde

Sunil Bharde

QA Automation Lead


AutomATAhon Participant Umesh R

Umesh R.

Deputy Manager


AutomATAhon Participant Niranjan Maddiboina

Niranjan Maddiboina

Deputy Manager


AutomATAhon Participant Aishwarya Desai

Aishwarya Desai

Assistant Manager


AutomATAhon Participant Ajim Inamdar

Ajim Inamdar

Assistant Manager


Sanjay Kishanrao Chatlure


AutomATAhon Participant Mayur Narnaware

Mayur Narnaware

Assistant Manager – Automation


Mahesh Dube



AutomATAhon Participant Sahana Kini

Sahana Kini

Automation Test Analyst


AutomATAhon Participant Sucheta K

Sucheta K.

Assistant Manager


AutomATAhon Participant Nitish Kumar

Nitish Kumar

Senior Test Automation Engineer


AutomATAhon Participant Sangeetha Natarajan

Sangeetha Natarajan

Senior Software Test Engineer

InfoVision Inc. 

Arif Shaik

Assistant Manager


Keerthy Ramachandran

Performance Engineer


Mrinal Halder

Test Architect(Testing Expert)


Nandkishore Agrawal

Sr. ETL Test Engineer


Chanchal Bhattad

Senior SDET

BlueConch Technologies

Mahathee Dandibhotla

Test Automation Consultant


Mannava Siva Aditya

Senior Developer

Thomson Reuters

Mayur Chitnis

Software Testing Specialist


Gowtham Kandanuru

Quality Assurance Automation Engineer

Legato Health Technologies

Arun S Kumar

Lead Senior Automation Test Engineer


Amit Dewan

Director of QA Automation Education


Ragini Maney

Lead Senior Automation Engineer


Vinayak Walhe



Anand Dhakne

QA Engineer


Pravin Telkar

Sr. Software QA Engineer(ISTQB Certified)


Ankit Arora

Senior Quality Assurance Automation Engineer


Jayvant Devare



Srinivas Somayajula

Automation Test Engineer


Bhanu Teja V V

Test Automation Engineer


Krishna Kamakshi Brahma

Software Test Engineer

Qapitol QA

Alok Singh

Senior Quality Assurance Engineer

eQ Technologic

AutomATAhon Leaderboard Points
Sr. NoOrganizationPoints
1Vodafone (VOIS)38,000
3QualityKiosk Technologies Pvt Ltd20,000
4BlueConch Technologies18,000
6Paul Mason Consulting10,000
8InfoVision Inc.2000
10Thomson Reuters2000
11Legato Health Technologies2000
12Qapitol QA2000
13eQ Technologic2000

Note: These points will be added to the overall leaderboard points when the competition winners are announced.


Jyoti Shah

Test Lead

Wipro Limited

Automatahon Jury Asmita Parab

Asmita Parab

Senior QA Manager

BlueConch Technologies – UST Global Portfolio Company

Automatahon Jury Sumit Mundhada

Sumit Mundhada

Test Automation Lead

Vodafone, VOIS

Anurag Gupta

Anurag Gupta

SW Test Line Manager


Vimmi Walia

Vimmi Walia

Senior Manager, Quality Assurance



Prasad Watve

Head NextGen Services


34 Speaker Rutvikkumar Mrug

Rutvik Mrug

Associate Director

Cognizant Technology Solutions

Minesh Upadhyaya

Chief Operations Officer

QA InfoTech

Automatahon Jury Aditya Garg

Aditya Garg

Steering Committee Member

Agile Testing Alliance

Automatahon Jury Anukool

Anukool Chaturvedi

Test Automation Lead

IVL | InfoVision Labs

Anand Vyas

Principal Consultant


  • Winner of the competition will be rewarded with INR 10,000 (Ten Thousand Indian Rupees) Cheque (The winners will be announced by 20th December 2020.
  • Winner will also receive a certificate and trophy.
  • 1st Runner’s up in the competition will be rewarded with INR 5,000 (Five Thousand Indian Rupees), Certificate and a Trophy.
  • 2nd Runner’s up in the competition will be rewarded with INR 3,000 (Three Thousand Indian Rupees), Certificate and a Trophy.
  • Everyone who registers for the event will be showcased on the AutomATAhon page on the website and will also garner 2000 points for their respective organization on Leaderboard
  • Winner, 1st Runner Up and 2nd Runner up will garner 10000, 5000 and 3000 points on leaderboard respectively.
  • GTR 2020 Leaderboard :
  • All associates registering for AutomATAhon will get  entry to #ATAGTR2020 (both days) at no additional cost – Please note, the entry to the ticket is only for the associate who has registered for the AutomATAhon and non-transferable in nature.
  • All the associates will receive participation certificates.

  1. It is a time boxed event - which means a fixed duration will be provided to all the participants to solve the challenge
  2. It is an individual event.
  3. There is no cap on the number of registrations from a particular organization
  4. Problem statement will be provided to all the individuals at the start of the event along with hook to a GIT repository. Participants have to automate the problem statement and hook with a CI system like Jenkins.
  5. Use case on API Testing, UI and Functional Testing on multiple browsers, Reporting and other use cases may be there.
  6. Participants will have to solve the challenge on their own laptops keeping their video camera on.
  7. Participants can use any tool or internal framework as long as they move the code into the GIT repo as per the scheduled time. Participants have to make AutomATAhon code repo as their collaborator so that Jury can take a look at the codebase if the need be.
  8. Participants need to record the automation solution in action using phone or any other software (like zoom / meetings software etc) and upload on google drive with in the challenge duration
  9. Participants also need to create an Automation Test Strategy during the challenge duration.
  10. Participants need to have a good internet bandwidth during the competition.
  11. The competition will be hosted using Microsoft Teams, you need to ensure that you have access to Microsoft Teams from your laptop and you need to turn on your video camera during the entire event. You should have stable internet connection during the competition.
  12. Evaluation will be based on following points.
    • Quality and stability of automation
    • Ability to modify tests (changes, addition and deletion of test scenarios)
    • Speed at which changes can be incorporated
    • Speed of execution
    • Maintenance effort required for automation
    • Integration smoothness with CI tool
    • Integration with other shift left / continuous testing tools
    • Speed of solving the challenge (time stamp of the final code push in the repository) will be used as a tie breaker in case the marks are equal
  13. Jury will select the top 5-7 entries. Live demo of the solution will have to presented by all the selected the top entries. Jury will decide the top 3 winners based on this final presentation and the marks obtained during the evaluation.
  14. Jury’s decision would be final.


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