#CommunityOutReach for #TestersWhohaveLostJob by Agile Testing Alliance

This is a community out reach program by Agile Testing Alliance.

We all know that due to the ongoing pandemic many of us have been rendered without a job.

This is an attempt to

  1. Help the testers who have recently lost a job to attend one of the largest and learning filled global testing conference at no cost.
  2. Help them in getting their profile reach to the community at large.

We will be dedicating a page with all the profiles received (whether it is 1 or 100 or more..). We will seek help from everyone. Even if we are able to garner some help for even a single person, our community motto to help the testing community will get fulfilled.

Please click on the button below to register for this program. You will be required to share your resume and other profile details to help post it to the community later on.

Please share this with all your friends and ex colleagues in need of support.

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