#WhyATAGTR2020 Contest 4h Winner

We are happy to announce the 4th Winner of the Why #ATAGTR2020 Contest.

The Winner is  Rupali Bhujade from Vodafone.

Please note that there is 1 more winners to announced. So stay tuned on your favorite Social Media (Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram) to get informed about the next winners.

Congratulations Rupali and thanks a lot for giving your reasons, we would be glad to extend you a winning entry to #ATAGTR2020. Looking forward to interacting with you.

Her wonderful replies to the questions are:

1. What according to you is reason #1 to be a part of #ATAGTR2020 ?

I had privilege to visit ATAGTR2019 and I really enjoyed being part of it. It gave me a fantastic opportunity to network with like minded people, the friends which I made there have become part of my professional and personal life. It’s great!

2. What according to you is reason #2 to be a part of #ATAGTR2020 ?

#ATAGTR2020’s focus on bringing the cutting edge technology together, not only as expert but what I really liked is, it gave us opportunity to discuss/brainstorm and it was really interesting and entertaining at the same time.

3. What according to you is reason #3 to be a part of #ATAGTR2020 ?

The food which was provided was really yummy 🙂 .. as we will be meeting virtually this time, I would say I really look forward to hearing the speakers and panel discussions, ALL at ONE place!

Be part of #ATAGTR2020 and join the most fun filled and knowledge packed gathering of Testing and Technology Professional.

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