#ATAGTR2020 is proud to welcome Micro Focus as our Product Partner.

#ATAGTR2020 is proud to welcome Micro Focus as our Product Partner.

About Micro Focus:

Micro Focus is one of the world’s largest enterprise software providers. They deliver trusted and proven mission-critical software that keeps the digital world running. Their pragmatic, disciplined, customer-centric approach allows customers to succeed in today’s rapidly evolving marketplace.

Unique Approach
Evolving your IT practices—without jeopardizing the critical business systems and processes. That’s where Micro Focus can help. Open, integrated, and backwards-compatible, their software removes the need for what can often be risky rip-and-replace strategies. Instead, it bridges existing and emerging technologies, so you can run, transform, and adapt at the same time. That’s what we call smart digital transformation.

With a broad portfolio, underpinned by a robust analytics ecosystem, the company enables customers to address the four core pillars of digital transformation–Enterprise DevOps; Hybrid IT Management; Security, Risk & Governance; and Predictive Analytics. By design, these tools bridge the gap between existing and emerging technologies so customers can run and transform at the same time.

They have over 1800 patents issued and 900 pending. Micro Focus’ ingenuity and ever-evolving technology. They are committed to creating new and better solutions that help their customers thrive.

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